The pandemic made us hit pause on a lot of things; hugs, networking events, and even some holidays. We hit fast forward on digital marketing, though, jumping in and taking a look at new (and old) opportunities to connect people with information and businesses.

Que the QR Code!

Many of us thought these little digital squares were on their way out the door  – if not already gone for good. Yet, the need for easy access in a very hands-off manner has seen a mass revitalization. They started popping up in restaurants in place of traditional menus, then on packaging, at on-location events, and now they’re even in the sky!

But how sustainable are QR codes and why does that matter?

You would think that a QR code would be a one-and-done option, making it just as insufficient as it’s physical counterpart. However, there’s now such a thing as recyclable QR code, which drastically cuts the price of print materials. A single image can now have an infinite shelf life by simply relinking it to a PDF, website, or social media channel. This also comes with the added benefit of measurable analytics. You can now track the number of times the code was scanned, from what type of device, and the location of the scanner.

While that sounds great and all, is it something that consumers are actually paying attention to?

The simply answer is yes. “Green” consumer habits are on the rise. In the past few years, we’ve seen purchasing trends take a turn toward conscientious efforts. Buyers are more supportive of businesses that are making environmental contributions: reduced packaging, recycled/upcycled materials, and increased efficiency. In short, being eco-friendly wins you some major brownie points with consumers and Mother Nature.

The flipside to marketing is getting in front of your demographic as easily as possible, which in years past has meant billboard advertisements and lots and lots of postcards. Now, we’re not saying that traditional print marketing is dead. On the contrary, it has its place and time like all marketing efforts. But, thanks to COVID-19, consumers’ digital dependency is at an all-time high. No one goes anywhere without their phone – ever – which makes it the perfect go between on digital and print marketing. QR codes give businesses the opportunity to cut back on cost while also creating content that’s both engaging and easily accessible. Everything you want them to see is right at their fingertips.

At ProMedia Group, we’ve already begun to incorporate these digital bad boys into the marketing efforts of multiples clients in various forms. For instance, the next time you’re down at the Jeffersonville Riverstage, you’ll see QR code boards strategic placed along major traffic points that link you directly to an e-brochure of the venues event lineup. Another used a QR within their printed newsletter to showcase their Major Barge Packages, saving them on the cost of printing and postage to send the catalog to each individual client. We’re even using them in hiring advertisements for local school systems!

Interested in learning more about using QR’s in your own business?