PMG Pete is back (we actually can’t get him to leave the building), and he’s here to help craft conscientious content. Check out our latest video for Pete’s tips while he shows you how it’s done.

No time to watch the video? No problem—even though we think you should. 😉 Here are some quick tips for creating better content:

  1. Word vomit. Start jotting ideas and thoughts onto paper. What have you been up to? What is on the horizon? Any tie-ins to current news? Did someone in the company do something neat? Are there services you provide that you should remind people about? Don’t worry about grammar and don’t overthink it. 
  2. Know your audience. Once you identify your audience, write in a way that will resonate with them. 
  3. Use images or videos. Text isn’t enough to cut it, so use visuals in your post. You don’t have to have a degree in graphic design to whip up a quick image to supplement your post. 
  4. Find the OC. OC=original content. People want to see your personality, so avoid stock images or topical holiday posts. Instead of posting the same stuff as everyone else, give people a reason to stop scrolling.
  5. Map it out. Look at a calendar and plug in your posts where appropriate. Looking to the future can help you understand what you need then and now.
  6. Be consistent. Post regularly…but not too regularly. Posting every day is great if you have the OC to support it, although don’t overwhelm people. Have more to share? Do it in a Reel.
  7. Remain neutral. Sure, engagement is great, but stay away from controversial topics that are unrelated to your business or that would alienate your audience.
  8. Keep it short and simple. We really can’t stress this one enough. One to two sentences max. Trim it. Then, trim again.
  9. Be positive. Be funny. Be compassionate. Be YOU.

Even though everyone and their mom is on social media, it doesn’t mean that everyone is good at creating content. If you need help crafting content, we’re always on standby.

So, for Pete’s sake, please make better social media posts.

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