In March, we were all trying to figure out how to use Zoom. Fast forward a year and we are trying to figure out how to leverage every platform to hold interactive, engaging, and effective virtual events.

Even after the vaccine is distributed to the masses, in-person events will be slow to resume or ever go back to “normal.” The GDS Group, a global events company, predicts that in-person events won’t be back until at least 2022. Major festivals like Coachella and Gastonbury are on hold again for 2021. Trade shows like CES, the largest consumer tech trade show, have been cancelled in 2021. Trade Show Executive suggests that events will not be back until Q3 2021.

While we do our best to physically distance and follow CDC protocols, businesses and organizations should be giving strong consideration to how to project their digital message. 


Give Back

In an ancient time known as 2019, the Washington Post declared live streams to be the new telethon. Their prediction solidified when the pandemic unfolded. Audiences are increasingly finding themselves enticed by familiar platforms with altruistic endeavors. Charitable live stream components make folks more excited about attending and engaging.

According to a 2020 survey, 89% of consumers said they wanted brands to shift money and resources to producing products that help people meet pandemic-related challenges. Forty-four percent of consumers started using a new brand between April and June of 2020 because of the innovative or compassionate way they have responded to the virus outbreak.

Patrón, Tecate, Pepsi, Fiat Chrysler, and Verizon have all sponsored live streamed concerts for charity over the last year, raising money for issues from vaccine advocacy to racial inequality.

It’s important to keep in mind that conscientious younger generations are driven to brands who are socially responsible and have adopted digital connectivity as a catalyst for change.


Think Outside the Camera

Incorporating a variety of digital and traditional components to your live stream could be a huge motivator for people to attend. 

Direct mail is a great way to boost engagement rates for your event and build anticipation. As old fashioned as it may seem, direct mail bridges the gap between offline and online campaigns. A direct mail component can be as simple as a post card invitation with a simple registration link or can contain a food delivery service code so the recipient can use that discount or gift card amount toward the purchase of food during the event. Think of using swag as your mailer. One company mailed branded wine tumblers that included a QR code that opened an online store so the recipient could pick out a beverage that would be delivered before the event. 

Digital live streaming tie-ins can include event-specific filters on social media (think Instagram and SnapChat), hashtags, and landing pages with supplemental materials, like networking tools, games, downloadable materials, and more. Involving a creative, active bunch? Try encouraging TikTok challenge or dance. 

It’s all about making your event multidimensional and impactful beyond the actual event itself.


How ProMedia Can Help

Since virtual events are a requirement for COVID-culture and will continue to be mainstay, ProMedia Group has invested in new technology to help businesses put their best virtual face forward with live streaming

Our live streaming services include:

  • Buildout of event space and broadcast station setup
  • Up to 8 cameras that can be switched “LIVE” for multiple angles
  • Broadcast and recorded on HD live stream
  • Insertion of graphics and pre-recorded video elements during broadcast
  • Post-production support and packaging
To help you deliver your message to the masses, we can distribute a live stream to multiple sources at once, like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Vimeo, Zoom, etc. We can also provide an embedded player that you can incorporate on your website. 

Take it to Another Level

Whether you are already planning an event or if you just have an idea, ProMedia would love to take your virtual event to the next level. When you’re ready to make the jump, shoot us an email.