Our production team must have been feeling a little dramatic lately based on their latest video, “Font-pocalypse Now,” for our latest OMG! PMG! But, hey, we can get a little dramatic about fonts too—and for good reason. You can empathize if you have ever spent time searching for the perfect font, for what feels like, or could have been, hours.

The right font can make or break a design, so here are some considerations when choosing a font for your project:

  • Does it fit within your current brand guide? Keeping a consistent brand is important for establishing identity and familiarity. You can always sprinkle in other fonts, just make sure you’re tying it all together.
  • Do you even need a different font? You might be able to play around with different weights, sizes, and styles with whatever font is in your brand guide. Make it bold. Give it an italicized slant. Space it out.
  • Does it reflect your business or organization? A modern company might steer away from a serif font while a company geared toward children might opt for the simplicity of a sans-serif font. Either way, please make sure it is legible.
  • Do you have too much going on? Using too many fonts and styles can lead to a hot mess. Keep it simple and limit yourself to 2-3 fonts for simplicity’s sake.
We’re font fanatics, so we’re always here to help.
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