It’s rumored that call centers prefer setting up in the midwest because the workforce lacks a heavy accent and they’re easy to understand no matter what part of the country someone is calling from. While the number of call centers in the midwest may depend on a variety of factors, we can be sure of this: the sound of another person’s voice can have a dramatic impact on perception and engagement.

Zendesk found that call center customer satisfaction dropped from 79 percent to 58 percent when a call center moved outside the U.S. They pointed out, “It’s not that U.S. representatives are actually nicer and more interested in solving customer problems. The drop…likely had little to do with the agents and everything to do with the barrier that an accent can create when it’s truly difficult to understand the other party.”

But it’s not just a matter of being clear. It’s a matter of finding a voice that complements your brand and relates to your audience. That’s why you don’t hear a manly voice peddling mascara in a cosmetics commercial or a high-pitched voice helping you explore funeral options.

We work with a variety of voiceover artists and make it easy to find the perfect voice for your message. We guide you on who we think would be a match and provide you with audio samples of their work. We only work with professionals, so no need to worry about your audio sounding like it was made in a noisy basement on an iPhone.

Say adios to bad audio and hello to velvety voiceovers with ProMedia.

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