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Creating social media content is time consuming. We can save you time and money by creating content your customers will engage with.

Establishing and maintaining a social media presence for your business is difficult. The truth is, it can be challenging to find the hours or the know-how to produce and publish engaging content.

Our team of social experts at ProMedia Group can strategize, create, and publish content for you. It will save you (and your staff) countless hours and allow you to focus on assisting your customers.

Let’s talk about social media ads! We can help you learn how your data is used, why you’re seeing particular ads, and what controls are at your disposal to deliver ads to potential customers.

Public Relations Strategies

It is ProMedia’s philosophy that public relations efforts are not meant to be reactionary, implemented solely in the wake of a crisis. Rather, our proactive approach to PR allows our clients to respond offensively and call the shots when it comes to their image.

Based on our client’s goals, we formulate a strategy, control the messaging, and build their brand. We create all necessary communication channels for our narrative to be effective, and we cultivate an audience for those mediums. This can include the development of a new website, and the creation (or updating of) social media accounts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn.


Through constant communication with our clients, we’re able to effectively manage the content of their website and social media accounts. The latest analytics programs allow us to track the online results of our strategy and share the results with our clients.

Utilizing our top-notch video production department, we produce a video web series sharing positive stories that are published to various social media accounts. These Video News Releases (or VNRs) are a steady stream of content for your followers to consume, shining a continuous bright light on your brand.


Our all-encompassing PR strategy includes a variety of services that are easily tailored to each client’s needs. Through cutting-edge tools and data delivery, we are able to confidently manage our clients’ brands and bolster public opinion of their organization or business.


Implementing our strategy is the final step in our PR process. This includes everything from sending press releases, to monitoring comments and feedback on social channels.