Utilizing every avenue possible to build our clients’ brands, ProMedia Group offers the ability to showcase our clients on the silver screen. Advertising at the movie theater provides a captive audience for our client’s message. With no remote control, no clutter, and no distractions, cinema advertising significantly increases top of mind awareness for local brands.

We are the creators of the theater’s pre-show and the producers of the advertisements within it. We work directly with the movie theaters, and closely with our clients to ensure that they see big results from the big screen.

As movies continue to shatter box office records, take advantage of the massive crowds and elevate your business’ brand recognition by advertising on the silver screen with ProMedia Group.

78% of Americans attend movies

The average movie goer saw 7 movies last year

81% of movie goers are between the ages of 18 and 49

Theater advertising has an incredible recall rate of 90%